Drumming into Sunset: Experiencing the Magic of Benirras Sundays

Ibiza is the synonym of the ultimate party and hedonism. However, outside the bright lights and pounding music, Ibiza takes on a different personality—connected with nature, and vibrating with the spirit of the hippy. If you want to feel the real spirit of rent a boat Ibiza at its best, then Benirras is the best place, especially on Sunday.

Exploring Benirras

Located in the tranquil northern part of Ibiza, Benirras is an attractive bay that reflects peacefulness and beauty. Its transparent waters and surrounding cliffs make it an ideal spot for those who love nature and freedom.

A Day in Paradise

You should start your day early to ensure that you have enough time to enjoy all the activities in Benirras. When the sun rises and the bay turns a golden hue, you will have all of the shorelines to spend your morning. Relax while swimming in the refreshing waters or relaxing on the stony beach sands. You should include a snorkel in your pack – beneath the water here is a world of many colours and marine fauna.

sunrise in benirras


Lunchtime Delights:

At about midday, you can have lunch at one of the beachfront cozy restaurants. Treat yourselves with Spanish specialties: paella, tapas, with a nice beer or homemade sangria. The relaxed atmosphere provides an amazing environment for a relaxing lunch full of fascinating scenes.


Cozy restaurants in Ibiza


Magical Evenings at Benirras:

But the true enchantment of Benirras comes alive as the sun starts to set towards the horizon. Sunday evenings here are simply delightful with the hippie vibes all over the place, bringing out the whole community and the joy of living. Drummers from all over the world assemble at the beach, producing rhythmic beats that reverberate through the cliffs.

Embracing the Sunset Ritual:

Dance with the crowd in the mesmerizing rhythm in the backdrop of the sky changing into an artist’s palette of vibrant colors. It is a unique sensory experience where time freezes and concerns dissolve. You might be a well-traveled person or a first-time visitor; the charm of the Sundays of Benirras gets printed deep in the soul.

Sunset Ritual of benirras


Getting to Benirras:

On the other hand, Benirras is just a short drive away from San Miguel and you can reach there by car or scooter. Free parking is offered in the vicinity with shuttle buses getting people to the beach. At busy times, it is advisable to arrive early to get a parking space, especially on Sundays when the drumming ceremony is held.

Rent a Boat with Ibiza Rent A Boat:

However, for the more adventurous guests who want to explore the island on their own, renting a boat with Ibiza Rent A Boat is the ideal solution. Cruise stylishly along the coast with secluded coves and intimate beaches revealing themselves. This diverse fleet of such vessels as catamarans, sailing boats, speed boats, and yachts, has something to offer to everyone.  You may explore Benirras Beach with Ibiza Rent A Boat, ensuring a remarkable experience while exploring Ibiza’s beautiful coastline.

Experience the Magic of Benirras Sundays:

Therefore, if you are prepared to enjoy the genuine charm of Ibiza, you should visit Benirras and sense Sunday’s vibe differently. Regardless of whether you are swinging in time with the drums or heading into the sunset, this is one journey that you will never forget.

Tips for Your Benirras Adventure:

  • Arrive early on Sundays to secure the best spot for sunset drumming.
  • Bring along a picnic blanket and snacks to enjoy your trip.  
  • Respect the local environment and fellow beachgoers by cleaning up after yourself.
  • Dive into the crystal-clear waters for a refreshing swimming and snorkeling adventure, exploring the vibrant marine life beneath the surface.


Q: What can I expect at Benirras on Sundays? 

Sundays at Benirras are magical, with drummers from around the world gathering to celebrate the sunset. Experience the rhythmic beats, vibrant atmosphere, and stunning sunset views.

Q: Can I rent a boat to explore Benirras?  

Yes, with Ibiza Rent A Boat, you can choose from a diverse fleet of catamarans, sailing boats, speed boats, and yachts. Explore hidden coves, crystal-clear waters, and scenic views on your private adventure.

Q: What should I bring to Benirras? 

Don’t forget your sunscreen, beach essentials, and camera to capture the breathtaking moments. Arrive early to find the best spot for drumming celebrations and sunset views.

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