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Known as one of the top 10 beaches from all over the world, Espalmador is a private island you can’t miss if exploring south Ibiza or Formentera.

The beaches of Espalmador island are a secluded and unspoiled paradise, with no restaurants or amenities on the island. Visitors must bring their own food and drinks, making it an ideal location for a peaceful picnic. Despite its remote location, the beach can get quite busy during peak season, as visitors come from all over the world to experience its natural beauty.

One of the highlights of Espalmador Beach is its mud baths. There are natural mud pools on the island, which are said to have therapeutic and healing properties for the skin. Visitors can cover themselves in the mud and then rinse it off in the sea, leaving their skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

Overall, Espalmador Beach is a unique and idyllic destination for those seeking a natural and unspoiled paradise. It is the perfect place to relax , surrounded by breathtaking scenery and pristine waters.