Lagoon 38

The Lagoon Catamaran 38 is a popular, versatile and stylish boat that seamlessly combines performance with comfort. Known for its agile handling and spacious layout, this catamaran offers a delightful sailing experience. With a well-designed interior, panoramic views, and efficient navigation, the Lagoon Catamaran 38 is perfect for those who appreciate both adventure and relaxation […]

Sacs 33

The SACS 33 is a sleek and versatile powerboat designed for both leisure cruising and exhilarating water sports adventures. With its modern and stylish design, the SACs 33 combines luxury and performance seamlessly. Powered by 2  powerful Suzuki 300  engines, the SACs 33 delivers impressive speed and agility, making it ideal for exploring seacrets beaces […]

Princess V58

Great boat from the prestigious English shipyard Princess, dynamic, with a completely open cockpit, a spacious interior and sliding roof to make the day charter and navigation more comfortable and fun on deck. The great advantage of this model is that it lets a lot of light into the carefully decorated lower spaces. The Princess […]


An outstanding boat, made purely for day charter with its two sundecks in bow and stern and its folding bands that turn the stern into a wide platform a few centimeters from the water. It has an overall length of 11,2m and a beam of 2,99m convertible to 4,20m. Thanks to its open/walk-around format, the […]


the Fjord 40 is a remarkable boat that exudes elegance, power, and innovation. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this luxury vessel is designed to provide an unforgettable boating experience for discerning enthusiasts. At first glance, the Fjord 40 captivates with its sleek and modern exterior. The boat boasts clean lines, a distinctive bow, and […]


new yacht van dutch with black surface sailing in ibiza waters

The VanDutch 40 powerboat is a fantastic choice for those who want to experience a new sense of freedom in style and comfort. The VanDutch 40 hosts up to 9 guests and is perfect for exploring coves and secluded beaches in Ibiza. The VanDutch 40 is a very stylish open boat that has what is […]


The Windy Bora 40 is an exquisite boat that offers an unforgettable sailing experience. Measuring 40 feet in length, the Windy Bora 40 combines speed, agility, and luxury to deliver a remarkable boating experience. The boat features a spacious deck, allowing you and your guests to move freely, relax, or soak up the sun while […]

CATAMARAN MAUI (petrachi 32)

Maui is the perfect catamaran to spend a day sailing around Ibiza or Formentera, discovering its best coves and natural parks with our captain who will make you feel at home. At the bow you can rest or sunbathe between the extremely comfortable net and the new beanbags ( puffs) that we are adding this summer. At the stern […]


side view of the catamaran boat aventura 28 during a day doing a excursion to the Pitiusas islands

This small catamaran is perfect for a family day trip. Being very light and well canvassed, it´s a pleasant boat for spending a day in Formentera. In the bow it has a wide net where people can lay and relax, and in the aft it has a big space with a wonderful shade for accomodating […]

HANUMAN (McArthur45)

back of the sailing boat hanuman while being anchored in ibiza with the paddle surf board next to it

The vessel HANUMAN was designed by the pretigious architect Hywel Price. It’s and steel cutter manufactured by Price Yachts Shipyard in Bristol UK. Only one model was made, so we can say that HANUMAN is a unique boat !!